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World of Warcraft Castle Nathria Boss Guide 5

World of Warcraft Castle Nathria boss guide


No. 5 boss---Hungering Destroyer


His core skill---Gluttonous Miasma.


After being hit by this skill, the healer cannot restore their health, but there will be a 5 yard circle around the player, and he will absorb the health of other people standing in the circle every second to heal himself.

Notice: The person selected by the boss needs to leave the crowd a little bit, and then the group leader will arrange for someone to go in to restore his health.


Hungering Strkes


Notice: This skill requires the tank to be exchanged after the buff is superimposed a certain number of times, generally when it reaches 5 times.


Volatile Ejection


Notice: The marked targets should be dispersed quickly, and then don't move, other people stay away from the straight line between these people and the boss.




Notice: When the boss starts to cast this skill, everyone must be dispersed quickly, and the healers must heal players with low health first.

This skil will also create Obliterating Rift (Heroic Diffiulty).


Notice: Since it will exist permanently, players with good health or players with immune skills need to touch them to clean them up.


When the energy bar of the boss is full.He will release Congsume.


Notice: Since this skill is related to the distance between the players and the boss, everyone should stay away from the boss as much as possible when the boss energy bar is almost full.


The above is all the skills of the boss.

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