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World of Warcraft : Druid Guide

In the wonderful fantasy world of WoW, there is a great selection of classes for the player to choose from. Each of these classes has its own unique skills, attributes and strengths. However, there are few that can rival the versatility of the Druid class. This class gives the player the ability to change their role on the battlefield on the fly, offering a tactical advantage that can be the difference between completing a raid, or succumbing to a grizzly fate. So with that in mind, we want to give you an extensive rundown on all things ‘druid’ so that you can make a decision if this class is the one for you. Here is our guide to the druid class in WoW.

What is a Druid in WoW

A druid is a shapeshifting hybrid class in WoW. These creatures are keepers of the world who are one with nature. These creatures prefer to be outdoors and among the foliage. They command the forces of nature and bend them to their will, allowing them to take new forms through the power of natural energy. Thanks to this ability to take many forms, a druid can act in just about any role on the battlefield provided they are equipped for the task at hand.

Through the use of the proper gear and matching the level of your foes, a druid can play the role of various classes. A druid can be a healer, a tank and can act as a damage dealer too. However, one must remember that a Druid can only play one of these roles at a time and without specialisation in one area, a druid can find themselves outmatched in every aspect of battle. However, with the proper level of care and attention, a druid build offers one of the most flexible character experiences in the game.

Available Races of Druid

To ensure that you can take on the role of a druid, you will need to select a character that is compatible. Here is a list of all the races that allow you to become a druid:

· Night Elf

· Worgen

· Kul Tiran

· Tauren

· Troll

· High Mountain Tauren

· Zantalari Troll

While there is no right answer as to which you choose, the two most popular are the Night Elf and Tauren race. These make up 27.43% and 20.14% of the druid class respectively.

Druid Class Information

When choosing your class, you must compare it with the others on offer and decide if this class fits your playstyle. Here is a quick rundown of everything that the druid class has to offer.

Roles: Healer, Tank, Damage dealer

Weapons: Mace, daggers, fist weapons, polearms, staves

Resources: Health, Mana, Astral power, energy, rage

Armour: Leather

Druid Specialisations

Next, we have the various specialisation options that will define the finer details of how your druid character handles themselves. Below we will list each with a description of how each specialisation affects your druid build.

Balance Druid: This version of druid is the ‘jack of all trades’ option. This character option allows the player to transform into a ‘Moonkin’, meaning that you will have a perfect balance of restorative powers, damage-dealing arcane magic and resilience in battle. This is the perfect choice for those who enjoy switching roles on the fly with ease and prefers dealing damage from range.

Feral Druid: This option sees the user take on the form of a cat. Allowing the player to specialise in damage dealing. Through the cat’s sharp claws and teeth, you’ll be able to deal bleed damage and bites in abundance. This is a choice for the offensively-minded player.

Guardian Druid: The guardian druid is the tank specialisation of the bunch. This option allows players to become a bear capable of taking hit after hit, while still offering up a powerful strike of their own. This is the ideal choice for defensive and supporting players.

Restoration druid: Then lastly, we have arguably the most popular option, the restorative druid. This build specialises in healing and allows you to keep your allies alive in battle. This is the perfect choice for supporting players.

Tips For Playing a Druid In WoW

On paper, a druid character looks like the ideal choice. You can play any role you like at any time you want. Plus, you can travel faster into the bargain as well. However, there are some tips we would like to offer to those beginning their journey as a druid that may aid you on your adventure.

Consider Restoration: One tip we would offer players deciding on a specification, is really consider being a healer. The druid class is brilliant at allowing healers to shine. The mobility that the class provides alongside the very powerful healing magic makes this class one of the most effective in this role in the game. We admit, if a melee character gets up in your grill, you’re in trouble, but with good rotational movement and strategies, the druid class is ideal for this role.

Be Perceptive: To be an effective druid, you need to have a great understanding of battle dynamics. You may enjoy being a DPS cat form druid and dealing crazy damage on the enemy but that’s not always what is needed in the situation. Druids need to analyse the battlefield, see what their group is lacking and be that role to restore balance to the team. So always have one eye on the big picture and know when you need to swap roles.

Frugal Players Beware: Our last bit of advice would be for players who hate breaking out their in-game wallet. The druid class essentially requires the player to become proficient in four different areas of battle, meaning you’ll need to spend money on gear and other extras that make this possible. So if you aren’t willing to spend up to four times as much cash to make your character a powerful asset in all areas of battle, then you may be better off with a more one-note character build.

So that’s our guide to the druid class in WoW. What do you make of our guide? Did you find this information helpful? What race and specification do you think is best when playing a druid? Is this the most versatile class in WoW? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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