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WoW Mage's Guide to Shadowlands

Looking for a guide to play Mage on PvE and PvP content on WoW Shadowlands? Do not search anymore. We reveal here all the information necessary to progress master your class on the various activities of World of Warcraft. Discover the best specializations according to content, talents, the best congregation (suitable), the legendaries to select as well as the stats to favor to perform well with your Mage.

Why play Mage in Shadowlands?

Concretely, in the history of WoW, Mage has always been a relatively strong and interesting class to play. The class combines a lot of utility with the added bonus of good DPS and good survivability/mobility. In addition, the lore around Mage is quite rich, the class being represented by illustrious characters from the game.

Finally, if Mage is one of the most popular classes in World of Warcraft, its power, and its kit make it easy to bring several in Raid or even in MM+. Therefore, the competition between the different Mages is potentially less important than for other classes.

Mage: a strong class on Shadowlands?

Without a doubt one of the generally strong classes in WoW, Mage is no slouch in Shadowlands. Both in PvE and PvP, the Mage remains a presence that you will come across very regularly, whatever your level of play.

In Raid and MM+, the Fire specialization is one of the best-ranged classes in SL. If its DPS is linked to its offensive CDs (and in particular the famous Combustion), the presence of a real BL (better than the drums) via Time distortion as well as its excellent mobility and survival make it a formidable weapon on these two contents.

In PvP, the Frost specialization proves to be particularly tough and resilient, making it a good element in 3v3. It is nevertheless possible to play in Fire or Arcane depending on the content and the level of play.

In addition, it's important to note that Mage is enjoying the luxury of having three interesting specializations to play at the start of this expansion. If Fire dominates the debates in PvE, it won't be impossible to see players prefer Frost or Arcane. These two specializations remain viable in specific situations.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Mage

The Mage's strengths are very numerous: his DPS is excellent, his DPS profile (how the class does damage) is perfectly suited to PvE, his survival is great via the Ice block, Alter time or even Invisibility, and his kit is very practical in groups. We will also note the presence of Time distortion as well as the possibility of creating bread for his Healers in groups...

Typically, the Mage's weaknesses are quite limited. Depending on the specialization, the cycle can be a bit technical at first, but beyond that, Mage is extremely interesting and fun to play. It may be noted that in PvE, the Fire specialization requires a lot of play around these offensive CDs, which could limit its effectiveness in the hands of a beginner player. Potentially, the main weakness of the Mage lies in the abundance of players evolving on this class, thus creating a kind of competition and standard around the latter...

Which race to choose to play Mage?

Honestly, the race for the Best Race is a bit of an outdated debate in WoW. Since Blizzard imposed balances on different racials, the gap between each race is very limited. Therefore, play what you want to see most often on the screen before focusing on gaining a few DPS points, which could change from one patch to another.

The best covenant for Mage

Be careful here because the choice will also impact your efficiency in Raid and PvP. Also, choosing a covenant will mean taking the effect naturally connected with that befitting. Thus, it is possible that the best spell of a covenant in Raid or MM + is not very effective in PvP.

Which covenant to choose as a Mage for PvE?

If you are going to play primarily PvE content, you will need to play in the Fire specialization. We consider Nocturnal to be the best choice in terms of DPS with excellent DPS gain on multiple targets but without neglecting single target DPS. This is due to the reduction in cooldowns of your main spells, an element that will also have an impact on your mobility and survival.

Which covenant to choose as a Mage for PvP?

If you plan to play mainly on PvP content, you can both play in Fire / Arcane (and therefore choose nocturnal as in PvE) or you can orient yourself towards Frost. In Frost, the best covenant for PvP is none other than Venthyr. So you run the risk of being much less effective on PvE and therefore less flexible if you play Frost.

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