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WoW Best Death Knight Tips and Tricks

Strategies are a crucial part of any game and when it comes to the epicenter of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, you can’t afford to miss a single one. Just like other MMORPGs, strategic gameplay is extremely important in WoW and if you are thinking of charging in straight without any planning then congratulations, you will end up with absolutely nothing. This article is packed with a bunch of useful tips and tricks that will give you a significant advantage over your foes. So, bring some popcorn, and let's dig into it.

Before we proceed, you might wanna know that this article is all about the Death Knight class. If you dislike DK or don’t use it, then you better wait for another one of our articles. On the vice versa, if you are a DK user then you better hang on to it.  

Offense or Defense:

No matter which game you play, using your best playstyle is extremely important. When it comes to WoW, you have to make this choice frequently. The best strategy is to choose one play style and stick to it for some time. In the case of DK, if you prefer a defensive playstyle, shielding your allies while providing support to them, then you better stick to the Blood Death Knight. Other than this, if you prefer dealing with some blows as well, then you can go with Frost DK or Unholy DK. Now, which one is better of the two? let's have a look at that as well.

Frost DK vs Unholy DK:

Well, the thing is simple, both are very efficient DPS specs. The Frost DK is better with a single target. On the other hand, the Unholy spec has a better AOE with more damage that gives it an edge over the Frost DK. In the end, it depends on your playstyle but I recommend playing consistently with Unholy Death Knight.   

Frost DK

Unholy DK

Dealing with Weaknesses:

Apart from the positive points, there are certainly some disadvantages for the Death Knight class. A good strategy includes coping up with them before going to battle. As you know, Death Knight has some disadvantages that include poor mobility, low survivability as a melee class, and some others. A good strategy includes coping up with these beforehand. So, let's get to it then.

As a solution for low survivability, you can use the Death Pact with Dark Succor. The Death Pact will offer 50% healing with 30% absorption for 15 seconds, which will be compensated by Dark Succor. Both spells mainly support and reinforce each other. In addition to it, you can cook some magnificent combinations of spells that could seal the deal for you. For lack of mobility, there is not an efficient solution so far but using Sephuz’s Secret item helps to some extent. The Sephuz’s Secret helps by 2% haste with 10% movement speed which gives it a speed boost.  

Racial Compatibility:

It may seem unreal but choosing a compatible race for your dark knight class might give you many advantages. As you know each race has a set of different traits. These traits should not counteract your class talents or it is trouble. Instead, some racial abilities reinforce your class talents to a great extent. So, no favoritism in terms of looks in the race choice from now on.

Irrespective of the DK specs you choose, some races offer a general advantage. Well, in my opinion, from Alliance, choosing the Human race gets to be the most benefitting for Dark Knight class. It has some significant benefits. The biggest one of them is breaking out of stuns which increases Survivability, a major issue with DK. Secondly, you get The Racial Spirit, which boosts your secondary stats. Lastly, if you want to follow the story, Human is the original race you need to choose.

Now from the Horde races, I recommend going with the Blood Elf as it gives many benefits as well. Most important of all, Blood Elf offers Arcane Torrent, which gives a double advantage, first, it removes one beneficial effect from the enemy and restores 3% of your mana as well. This makes Blood elf a good choice.

Human DK || Source: Wowpedia

Best PvP Talents:

Talents are one of the most important elements for any class. In the case of Death Knight, we have come up with the best set of talents you can choose for your PvP battles. Let’s have a detailed look.






Blood for Blood

Sacrifices 15% of your total health in an exchange for a 60% damage boost in Heart Strike for 12 seconds.

Necrotic Aura

8% increased damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

Decomposing Aura

Takes a total of 6 seconds. After every 2 seconds, all enemies within 10 yards slowly decay losing 3% health.



Chill Streak

Lasts 4 seconds. Reduced movement speed by 70% and deals 90% damage to a target within 40 yards range.  

Death Chill

Slows enemy movement to great extent for 4 seconds till the player can get a perfect strike.

Dark Simulacrum

Lasts for 12 seconds. If the enemy casts a spell, the user DK will cast the same spell towards it.  



Raise Abomination

Lasts 25 seconds within a range of 40 yards. Just as the name indicates, an abomination is raised that slowly deals damage to the enemies in range.  

Necrotic Aura

8% increased damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

Necromancer’s Bargain

Applies a crypt fever to enemies instead of summoning zombies. The cooldown time is also reduced by 45 seconds.

Best Covenant:

Choosing the right Covenants is an important element for any user. Each covenant has its unique abilities and is extremely beneficial for the class as well. When it comes to the perfect covenant for your Death Knight, there is no better than Kyrian. The special thing is that you can use this covenant with all three DK specialties. The reason to choose Kyrian is that it is perfectly blended with Death Knight’s properties. It mainly counters DK’s low survivability with self-healing tools and by offering useful signature as well as a class ability.    

Kyrian Covenant

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