Holy Grail Battlefront Tips

Holy Grail Battlefront Tips

In the Grail front, the strength of a single character is more important than the rest. It can be said that high rarity characters with 3 Buster are particularly strong. Therefore, we recommend SR Heracles and SSR Cú Chulainn (Alter).
In addition, characters like Jack, who can get a lot of stars, are also highly recommended.

As for Master Clothing, Atlas can shorten the skill CDs of the characters and provide invincibility buffs. the benefits of shortening CDs are huge. Therefore, we recommend Atlas

In order to get the bonus chest, you need to destroy strong enemies. However, this is not a mandatory condition. If you defeat all enemies except the strong ones, you will get the chest even if you don't destroy the strong ones. Therefore, you can choose to destroy all enemies or attack the strong enemies directly.

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