Letter to Dofus&Dofus Touch customers from iGVault

Dear clients,

Hello! Thank you for your support of iGVault, the epidemic has broken out globally in recent days, and I hope you will protect yourself well and it is better not to go out!


We recently discovered that many criminals have defrauded kamas in the name of iGVault, which is very shameful.


In this case, we would like to remind everyone who bought Dofus & Dofus Touch Kamas on iGVault:

iGVault will not ask you to return your kamas for any reason!

iGVault will not ask you to pay for your order again for any reason!


Whatever the reason or the means by which the scammer contacts you, don't forget:

Never give your email address ,phone number,Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp,Skype or Discord in the game !

Never give back the Kamas you receive

Never pay for your order again!


Several common scams are shared with you, please be careful

(1) Trap one (in the game)


 Hello, I forgot to take a screenshot of our transaction or the official found our transaction and you will be blocked if you do not return my kamas to me. Give me back my Kamas and I will give you a xx% bonus.


No, you're a liar, I don't believe you! iGVault never returns Kamas that have already been delivered! You are a liar



(2) Trap two (Discord)


 The order was not delivered for any reason, you have to pay again to get your order, the amount payable is XXX, otherwise the order cannot be delivered


No, you're a liar, I don't believe you! iGVault will never ask me to pay for my order again!



(3) Trap three (The scammer emails you imitating iGVault's email and contacts you imitating online customer service)


Hello, we found a payment problem for your order, and the order has been delivered. We ask you to contact us to resolve this problem, you can contact our customer service

Link: www.lgvault-XXX.com (it's a scam)

Customer service button: XXX (this is a scam)



No, you are a liar and I don't believe you! Orders that have already been delivered to iGVault are unlikely to cause problems

iGVault never sends me emails that require repeat payments.



Common Scammer Email Addresses





Current scammer discord:

 @Bernard IGVault

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